Let our ultimate, must-read guide help you reduce warranty costs, increase aftermarket sales, and improve equipment performance.

Mobile equipment telematics, or moematics, is revolutionizing the heavy equipment industry—and our free guide is the ideal way to get up to speed.

Moematics: The Complete Guide to Getting Started with Mobile Equipment Telematics is your ultimate moematics primer. This guide shows OEMs how to use moematics to make agile, data-driven decisions that can improve your bottom line.

You’ll learn how moematics can help you: 

  • Precisely diagnose the true causes of warranty claims
  • Dominate the lucrative parts aftermarket with systems that send customers straight to you
  • Track the real-time condition of every piece of equipment in the field so maintenance plans can be created with actual performance data (not arbitrary schedules) to determine which parts to replace and when
  • Pinpoint where more operator training is required to enhance equipment longevity
  • Gather insight into product failures to improve the next generation of equipment...and more

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